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About Me

My name is Celina Hoffman-Terry and I am a Jesus following, homeschooling mom of two; who truly believes in and is dedicated to, feeding my family the very best organic food the way God created and intended. My family is the reason why I do, what I do!

I’m also a champion of the newly found company called Beyond Organic, founded by Jordan Rubin author of the New York times best seller book, The Makers Diet.

Their mission and now mine, at Beyond Organic is to transform the health of our nation and world one life at a time by creating superior quality foods and beverages while teaching the principles of healthy eating, abundant living and environmental stewartship.
Beyond Organic was founded based on this idea: That everyone should have access to the healthiest foods and beverages on the planet!

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP s...

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP standards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


3 responses to “About Me

  1. Thanks for following our blog! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!

  2. Yahobahne says:

    Praise the Lord and congratulations on your ministry. What we ingest, physically or spiritually determines our health and life’s longevity. God bless you, your family and ministry. Thank you for sharing.

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