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Poison in Our FOOD and Personal Care Products

on August 16, 2012

We have to wake up and smell reality. There is a hidden agenda for why there are certain poison’s in our food and in our daily personal care products. The poison’s however, don’t just stop at food and personal care products, they are in the pharmaceuticals and vaccinations. We have bought into the fallacy that we need these things to be “healthy”. Why do we as a whole, fall for this lie? It’s because of the propaganda that is shoved in our face 24/7  through television, radio, internet and print ads! It is everywhere all the time and it will never cease.

This is not a matter of illusion, delusion or conspiracy theory. It IS a conspiracy against the general population. AND guess what? You and I are apart of that general population. There’s a reason why the agenda for health care reform was FORCED against our will and the reason why a large portion of the propaganda is an attack on the family. Pushing what they call “responsible family planning” which includes but not limited to abortion and making people sterile on purpose. Which is also part of population control. (This is a whole other subject entirely)

So, before I get too far off point here, let me dial my self back into the area I wanted to focus on for now. Which is poison in our food and personal care products. What do you think of when you hear the word fluoride? Does it sound threatening or scary? Of course not. Why? Because it’s something that is common and we’ve grown up with it for years and years. Fluoride IS a poison though. Just look at the warning label on any toothpaste product 

Hmmmm, now let’s take a minute and think about this. Why are we putting poison into our mouths? Why are we accepting this and on top of that giving it to our children???? Long term effects of fluroide exposure can lead to brain damage. Yes, I said brain damage! Which includes but not limited to, impairment in learning and memory, behavorial deficits, and central nervous system irritation.   Fluoride, at leaset the fluoride that is put into our water toothpaste and other products IS NOT the  naturally occurring fluoride.  Now let me pause right here for a moment and play the other side of the fence. Let’s just give the other side the benefit of the doubt and agree that fluoride prevents cavities etc. etc. That, in fact, it does do, what they say it does. (End pause) Now I’ll jump back over and ask, at what price though? Do the benefits out weigh all of the risks and side effects that can come from either short term and or long term exposure? I believe NOT!

NO, it’s TOXIC waste! The fluoride found in our products and water is toxic waste or byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

Ewwwww, what we are putting in to our mouths is worse than putting fertilizer and aluminum. I’m going to repeat’s worse than fertilizer! Can you imagine putting fertilizer in your mouth? Then why are we putting fluoride in our mouths, even more so into our children’s? The following picture is from a water quality report from a town in Jupiter FL.

Here’s their link to check it out for your self.  I’m sure you’ll find similar reports no matter where you live in the U.S. You can always find out from your local water company if the tap water you use is fluoridated. Obviously there is so much more information out there as to why fluoride is bad for you.

All I’m trying to accomplish here is to be a catalyst, to help inform the general public of what and why such things are in our everyday products. It’s apparent from my article that I don’t trust or believe the “so called experts” that say…“Acids from plaque cause the loss of minerals from the tooth (a process called demineralization), resulting in tooth decay. The formation of small cavities, or carious lesions, can be reversed by remineralization–that is, the deposition of minerals into previously damaged areas of tooth. Topical fluoride, when applied frequently in low concentrations, increases both the rate of growth and the size of enamel crystals. The accelerated growth of enamel crystals within the demineralized lesion initiates reminerization of the tooth. Also, the larger crystals are less prone to future attack from the acids.” … It sounds all well and good but no, I don’t buy it. For the following reason…

Dental Fluorosis

One of the most visible and well-recognized side-effects of ingesting fluoride toothpaste is a discoloration of teeth called dental fluorosis. Fluoride produces dental fluorosis by damaging the cells (ameloblasts) which produce the tooth’s enamel. The resulting discoloration of teeth can range from white spots in the mild forms of the disorder to brownish and black stains in the the moderate and severe forms. (See pictures here)

Children with dental fluorosis – particularly those with the moderate or severe kinds – can experience significant esteem problems from the perceived unattractiveness of their teeth.

AND this…

Another potential side effect of fluoride toothpaste has only recently come to light. Research conducted in the 1990s from the US pharmaceutical company Sepracor indicated that the levels of fluoride in toothpaste may be sufficient to cause or contribute to periodontal bone loss. Sepracor’s finding is serious because periodontal bone loss is the #1 cause of tooth loss among adults. According to the scientists at Sepracor who conducted the study:

“We have found that fluoride, in the concentration range in which it is employed for the prevention of dental caries, stimulates the production of prostaglandins and thereby exacerbates the inflammatory response in gingivitis and periodontitis…. Thus, the inclusion of fluoride in toothpastes and mouthwashes for the purpose of inhibiting the development of caries [cavities] may, at the same time, accelerate the process of chronic, destructive periodontitis.”

Hopefully this article will make all think twice before buying their next tube of toothpaste. Keep in mind there are very natural and safe alternatives to fluoridated toothpastes. Just check your local health food store. In my next article I want to talk about the dangers of Aspartame. Yes, that’s a poison too, what’s worse is that it’s in BABY FOOD!!!!!!! Mom’s watch out!


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