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Protests Over Monsanto FDA Conflict of Interest Goes Viral

on July 11, 2012

I apologize I’ve been on Hiatus for over a month. Our family was moving during the month of June and we are not quite completely settled in yet. So just to say hello world, and let you know I’m still here, I’m sharing this re-blog with you. Because it’s THATgood. Also because this young man is my son’s current age AND also since I’m partial to home schooled families since we are home schoolers our selves.     🙂

Earlier this week, the Washington Post featured a story on the rise in online protests over the appointment of former Monsanto executive Michael Taylor as President Obama’s senior adviser to the FDA.

The article points out that Michael Taylor currently holds the position of deputy commissioner for foods at the FDA. This position is responsible for overseeing food labels and ensuring they contain clear and accurate information, as well as the development of strategies for food safety and planning new food safety legislation. This is the first time anyone has held this position at the FDA.

Michael Taylor’s resume at Monsanto is highlighted by his policy development related to Monsanto’s genetically engineered bovine growth hormone (rbGH/rbST).

There is a new online movement calling for Obama to cut ties with someone so obviously vested in the success of Monsanto and the bioengineering industry. Click here to sign the online petition.

A couple of humorous sidebars on this story:

You have to check out this video where an 11 year old rips Monsanto and Big Food. There is nothing quite as simultaneously disarming and delightful as a child speaking truth to humble a multinational conglomerate.


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