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Not False Hope

on April 24, 2012

The purpose of my blog is not to give a “false hope” of healing. It is also not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice and treatment from your personal physician. Statements with in this blog are not intended to diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.

I do however, strongly believe, that with proper nutrition, pure whole organic foods and probiotics you will provide your body with the right nutrients to give your self a fighting chance at healing and getting well. I think of clean and responsible eating like this…imagine a tall industrial building in the midst of construction, the foundation was laid, the inner workings have been installed, including framework, electrical, plumbing etc. Then the builders realize that all of the building materials are weak and have been compromised. So they begin to reinforce all of the existing components and what they end up with is something better, stronger and healthier than what they started with. The right foods can help rebuild and reinforce your current health state. God created our bodies to heal and repair it self. But if it doesn’t have healthy cells to help repair it, then it’s just drawing from the currently sick and weak cells. So give your body a boost, at least this way it will have a fighting chance to triumph over disease. What ever you happen to be dealing with.  So, may the God of the universe who created you bless your efforts on your road to good health, wellness and recovery!

Don’t believe me about the “types’ of food you eat? Then just ask your self this simple question…Is what you’re doing now working for you?

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP s...

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP standards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 responses to “Not False Hope

  1. lydiaa5656 says:

    Timely, and thoughtful , thanks for sharing .

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