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“Seven Pillars of Health” Pillar 2: Rest and Sleep

on April 22, 2012


If you had seen us last night you would have thought Santa was coming! “It’s almost 10, turn the tv and lights off and hurry up and get in the bed!” I had to repeat this command again for my husband who was watching his sports. Lol! By 9:55, we all were successfully in bed. Yay! We had met our goal…until the counting of sheep for me began…

Within 3 minutes my husband was “peacefully” snoring in my ear. With eyes closed, I heard every car pull up in the neighborhood, rehashed my to do list for the week, reminisced on our evening walk, while in between catching “mini naps.” I woke up randomly all through the night, and thought, “maybe I should have taken some melatonin?” Yes, I was comfortable in bed, but uninterrupted sleep does not come easy for me. I am by nature a light sleeper. My…

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