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Who Really Owns Organic?

on April 19, 2012

So Who Really Owns Organic?

For someone who’s worked in and followed the Natural Products Industry for as many years as I have, this article does not come as a surprise. In fact, this trend of multi-national food giants buying up small health brands has been growing rapidly over the last decade, as consumers have increasingly sought out healthier food choices for their families.

I urge you to take a good hard look at the chart in this article (click here to view in full size) and you will quickly realize that the “healthy” food brands that you know and love are actually owned by the who’s who of Big Food.

So, what’s the problem? Glad you asked! I’m not against companies that traditionally sell unhealthy products deciding to improve their offering with new, healthier options. However, history tells us that that’s not what’s happening here. When these large corporations take over smaller health companies, they often take once healthy products and turn them into products that are little more than glorified junk food─filled with GMOs, preservatives, chemicals and filler ingredients devoid of any nutrients. Their mantra seems to be: produce the food as cheaply as possible, while convincing the gullible public that it’s still healthy. In short, their loyalty remains with their shareholders, not with American families.

Shared from Jordan Rubin’s Blog


One response to “Who Really Owns Organic?

  1. I do not understand how people can continually be so block-headed.
    There is no kindness in people these days. People are increasingly acrimonius and we cannot solve problems of any type until we can work together.
    We can argue, certainly, but we still have to make choices and get the
    da*n job done.

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