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Some Doctors Were Excited, Most Were Skeptical (excerpt from his book, The Maker’s Diet)

on April 17, 2012

God worked a miracle in my life. The combination of the biblical diet and the SBOs (soil based organisms) had restored my health!…Some Doctors Were Excited, Most Were Skeptical: I immediately told many of the doctors who had treated me about my dramatic recovery through the Maker’s Diet and the unique soil organisms I named SBOs. I even mailed them “before” and “after” pictures, fully confident they would all be eater to learn about eh regimen that had healed me. Some of them were excited, by most were skeptical.

Dr. Morton Walker, a medical journalist who had supplied me information on some of the clinics I visited, asked if he could write an article outlining my amazing story. He published the article in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, a prestigious health publication that focuses on alternative medicine and treatments. The article generated over 2,000 phone calls from doctors and individuals who wanted to try the Maker’s Diet along with the SBOs. 


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