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Got a News Tip for NaturalNews? Send us your news tip, and we’ll investigate! Pests in Illinois destroy fields of Monsanto corn, proving its inefficacy

( in two Illinois counties have reported that the western corn rootworm, a potentially devastating pest, is showing up in their fields despite rotating fields and planting Monsanto’s GM corn.

On Monday, two entomologists from the University of Illinois went to Livingston and Kankakee counties where they spotted severe corn rootworm damage in two fields planted with Bt corn. Bt corn was engineered to protect crops from this very situation by producing an insecticidal protein derived from Bacillus thuringiensis.

Illinois corn farmers practice rotation farming to help minimize the damage caused by pests, but the corn rootworm is rotation-resistant and now seems to be Bt resistant as well.

Joe Spencer and Michael Gray, the two entomologists, will run tests to confirm…To continue reading this story click here

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You Could Be A Science Experiment And Not Even Know it…

This video explains all! I thought I knew SO much until I took some time to sit down and watch this in its entirety. It’s eye opening but well worth it.

*Disclaimer-This video contains ideas and opinions expressed of the evolution view in some instances, so to those of us with a creation world view I advise that you look past those statements and continue to focus on the issues at hand that are the most important aspects of this video. As their ideas about food still fall in to the category and beliefs that match ours.* 🙂 Happy Watching and Healthy Eating!

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The “Juice Lady Can Grill!” Living Beyond Organic TV Show #1 Cooking S

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Gobble, Gobble!

From the Beyond Organic Insider Blog…


Gobble, Gobble

Gobble, gobble may sum up overeating habits that start with Thanksgiving and often go until the New Year. Maybe that’s why many people gain between four to seven pounds between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day.

As this video points out, it’s not unusual for many to overindulge during Thanksgiving or other holidays, but there’s more at stake than indigestion and feeling bloated. Loading up on the turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, rolls and butter, pumpkin pie and other foods can not only increase your chances of starting on a “holiday overeating streak,” but it can also increase your risk for obesity and heart attack.

The Calories Control Council says that, on average, Americans consume approximately 4,500 calories and 229 grams of fat (mostly unhealthy fat) on Thanksgiving Day. Dr. Pamela Peeke, assistant clinical professor at the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, says that the typical Thanksgiving meal is “like a tsunami of fat coming into the body.”

When food travels through the body, it releases digestive fluids, chemicals and hormones along the way. An average meal takes 1 to 3 hours to leave the stomach, but a large meal such as the Thanksgiving meal may take 8 to 12 hours to leave the stomach. Interestingly, the average stomach capacity is about 8 cups. That’s a lot of stomach room—and many people pack it full during the holidays, but after about 1,500 calories in one sitting, the gut releases a hormone that causes nausea so most folks may begin to slow their eating. Many people push those limits, however, and keep eating.

The stomach isn’t all that’s stretched during a big meal, though. The body is stressed and works harder, too. The extra digestion required makes the heart pump more blood to the stomach and intestines—which can stress the heart. Consuming larger amounts of unhealthy fatty foods also causes the blood to clot more easily, says Dr. Francisco Lopez-Jimenez, a researcher at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. That could result in higher heart attack risk. Dr. Lopez-Jimenez says there’s a four-fold increase in heart attack risk in the two hours after eating a large meal. Likewise, Israeli researchers noted that there is a seven-fold increase of heart attack risk after eating too much at one sitting.

The gallbladder works extra hard after a big meal, too, to help with fat digestion. This exertion may spark a gallstone attack. It can be a sneak attack for many, too, since they don’t even realize they have gallstones until they overeat and experience the discomfort of gallstones.

Then there’s the “carb coma” that often follows big meals, making people feel like they need to nap. For those who get back on the road soon after eating, drowsiness could overtake them and make them more susceptible to accidents.

All this doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Thanksgiving meals and other holiday celebrations, though. Just be sure not to stuff yourself. Leave the stuffing for the turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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Please take a minute and read my son’s second book review, he’s an awesome 11 yr. old kid with remarkable insight! I love him!!! 🙂


Hello readers today I’m going to tell you about the mark of the Christan a book I just finished reading. So what do you think that the mark of the christian is?what do you think a christian is? do you think a) they have a weird hair cut? b) act weird? c) helpful? d)all of the above e) none of the above ? I think that a christian is just like any other person they also make mistakes and the only difference is they have Jesus. I think that you can tell that someone is a christian by their actions in love, apologizing, and forgiveness. The author explains what love and forgiveness is about in his book. here is an example of true forgiveness.A mother lost her daughter to a drunk driver and she forgave him.

What do you think real forgiveness is? Do you have love and forgiveness in…

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EWG’s Good Food on a Tight Budget

This is a web page I’m sharing with all of you for those who need help like I do with budgeting to eat healthy. It’s a very handy guide that’s quick and simple to use. It’s perfect for those just starting out on the healthier road to buying better food. This is a great place to start and I’m sure you’ll love it! After watching the video make sure you either click on the link under the video for their free guide OR visit their web page with this link

Stretching your dollars to get a month’s worth of healthy, filling food is a challenge. EWG assessed nearly 1,200 foods and hand-picked the best 100 or so that pack in nutrients at a good price, with the fewest pesticides, contaminants and artificial ingredients. Enjoy!
Here is the link to get their free guide that you can print up at your own convenience. Or visit their beautifully laid out web page. Completely user friendly, very visual (if you like that kind of thing, I do) with large buttons. (oooh look at all the pretty buttons, which one should I click on first?) lol
**My little personal disclaimer about their opinions in the dairy section: I do not agree with their views or opinions on what they say about milk. I completely disagree with those statements. ** To know more about the reason’s why I disagree with them read my post here…Dairy
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Secret to Raising Smart Kids..


Nutrition (Photo credit: Susan von Struensee)

Of course one of the most important things to learning begins with good nutrition. Kids and adults alike NEED brain food! Pure, nutritionally rich food is a cornerstone for learning. But there are other aspects to it as well which is why I have to share this article with you.

I believe it’s that important to read. Education is something very near and dear to my heart, espcecially being a homeschooling mama. But this article is not just for parents, or even parents of home-schooler’s  it’s for every human on the planet. Something I learned from reading the article was, telling someone they are smart is not necessarily helping them. As a matter of fact, it’s probably a big mistake. Read the article to find out why…. Secret to Raising Smart Kids by: Dweck, Carol S.  Source:Scientific American Mind

I would like to do a follow up article to further elaborate on the benefits of good nutrition especially beginning with breakfast, but that will have to come later as time allows. I just really wanted you all to have access to this info. as quickly as possible. Enjoy!! Please let me know what you think too! I would love to hear your thoughts.


God Bless,

Celina Hoffman-Terry


Just Say No to GMO!

I love this you have to watch it. The message is powerful and truthful! Even if it’s ever so slightly goofy. ( I know, however, their intentions behind the video are completely sober and serious. )


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Poison in Our FOOD and Personal Care Products

We have to wake up and smell reality. There is a hidden agenda for why there are certain poison’s in our food and in our daily personal care products. The poison’s however, don’t just stop at food and personal care products, they are in the pharmaceuticals and vaccinations. We have bought into the fallacy that we need these things to be “healthy”. Why do we as a whole, fall for this lie? It’s because of the propaganda that is shoved in our face 24/7  through television, radio, internet and print ads! It is everywhere all the time and it will never cease.

This is not a matter of illusion, delusion or conspiracy theory. It IS a conspiracy against the general population. AND guess what? You and I are apart of that general population. There’s a reason why the agenda for health care reform was FORCED against our will and the reason why a large portion of the propaganda is an attack on the family. Pushing what they call “responsible family planning” which includes but not limited to abortion and making people sterile on purpose. Which is also part of population control. (This is a whole other subject entirely)

So, before I get too far off point here, let me dial my self back into the area I wanted to focus on for now. Which is poison in our food and personal care products. What do you think of when you hear the word fluoride? Does it sound threatening or scary? Of course not. Why? Because it’s something that is common and we’ve grown up with it for years and years. Fluoride IS a poison though. Just look at the warning label on any toothpaste product 

Hmmmm, now let’s take a minute and think about this. Why are we putting poison into our mouths? Why are we accepting this and on top of that giving it to our children???? Long term effects of fluroide exposure can lead to brain damage. Yes, I said brain damage! Which includes but not limited to, impairment in learning and memory, behavorial deficits, and central nervous system irritation.   Fluoride, at leaset the fluoride that is put into our water toothpaste and other products IS NOT the  naturally occurring fluoride.  Now let me pause right here for a moment and play the other side of the fence. Let’s just give the other side the benefit of the doubt and agree that fluoride prevents cavities etc. etc. That, in fact, it does do, what they say it does. (End pause) Now I’ll jump back over and ask, at what price though? Do the benefits out weigh all of the risks and side effects that can come from either short term and or long term exposure? I believe NOT!

NO, it’s TOXIC waste! The fluoride found in our products and water is toxic waste or byproduct of the aluminum and fertilizer industries.

Ewwwww, what we are putting in to our mouths is worse than putting fertilizer and aluminum. I’m going to repeat’s worse than fertilizer! Can you imagine putting fertilizer in your mouth? Then why are we putting fluoride in our mouths, even more so into our children’s? The following picture is from a water quality report from a town in Jupiter FL.

Here’s their link to check it out for your self.  I’m sure you’ll find similar reports no matter where you live in the U.S. You can always find out from your local water company if the tap water you use is fluoridated. Obviously there is so much more information out there as to why fluoride is bad for you.

All I’m trying to accomplish here is to be a catalyst, to help inform the general public of what and why such things are in our everyday products. It’s apparent from my article that I don’t trust or believe the “so called experts” that say…“Acids from plaque cause the loss of minerals from the tooth (a process called demineralization), resulting in tooth decay. The formation of small cavities, or carious lesions, can be reversed by remineralization–that is, the deposition of minerals into previously damaged areas of tooth. Topical fluoride, when applied frequently in low concentrations, increases both the rate of growth and the size of enamel crystals. The accelerated growth of enamel crystals within the demineralized lesion initiates reminerization of the tooth. Also, the larger crystals are less prone to future attack from the acids.” … It sounds all well and good but no, I don’t buy it. For the following reason…

Dental Fluorosis

One of the most visible and well-recognized side-effects of ingesting fluoride toothpaste is a discoloration of teeth called dental fluorosis. Fluoride produces dental fluorosis by damaging the cells (ameloblasts) which produce the tooth’s enamel. The resulting discoloration of teeth can range from white spots in the mild forms of the disorder to brownish and black stains in the the moderate and severe forms. (See pictures here)

Children with dental fluorosis – particularly those with the moderate or severe kinds – can experience significant esteem problems from the perceived unattractiveness of their teeth.

AND this…

Another potential side effect of fluoride toothpaste has only recently come to light. Research conducted in the 1990s from the US pharmaceutical company Sepracor indicated that the levels of fluoride in toothpaste may be sufficient to cause or contribute to periodontal bone loss. Sepracor’s finding is serious because periodontal bone loss is the #1 cause of tooth loss among adults. According to the scientists at Sepracor who conducted the study:

“We have found that fluoride, in the concentration range in which it is employed for the prevention of dental caries, stimulates the production of prostaglandins and thereby exacerbates the inflammatory response in gingivitis and periodontitis…. Thus, the inclusion of fluoride in toothpastes and mouthwashes for the purpose of inhibiting the development of caries [cavities] may, at the same time, accelerate the process of chronic, destructive periodontitis.”

Hopefully this article will make all think twice before buying their next tube of toothpaste. Keep in mind there are very natural and safe alternatives to fluoridated toothpastes. Just check your local health food store. In my next article I want to talk about the dangers of Aspartame. Yes, that’s a poison too, what’s worse is that it’s in BABY FOOD!!!!!!! Mom’s watch out!


Hi all,
I know this has nothing to do with food, but this is my son’s new blog and I want to give him all my support. So if you please, take some time and like his blog, or one of his entries. Thank you so much and God Bless always!


Hello readers. So I have finished the Indian in the cupboard.  It was a great book and I enjoyed it. This book is about an Indian  named little bear and a boy named Omri who was given a magic cupboard for his birthday.When, later, he would find out to his surprise, after putting his new plastic Indian in his cupboard, the Indian would come to life. They set out on an adventure that would allow them to see each others point of views. 

If I had to give it a rating it would be a nine out of ten because of mild violence  by his little Indian and cowboy.  If you did not see my first post, here is a picture of the book  so  you can go  out and buy it if you want. It also makes a great school project or you can read it to your kids. I liked the book…

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